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In Method, Rule of the Clan on September 27, 2012 at 10:34 am

A few odds and ends today.

First, I’m very happy to report that The Rule of the Clan now has its second jacket endorsement! The blurb comes from Rogers Smith, Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Smith writes: “The Rule of the Clan is a delight to read—an engaging tour of societies in which kinship groups have been the primary form of social organization, from Anglo-Saxon England to medieval Iceland to southern Sudan, modern India, the Philippines, and much more. It is also an insightful meditation on what proponents of individual freedom must grasp if they are to realize their aspirations in societies made up not of rational abstractions, but people like us.” For the first endorsement, from Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, see here.

Second, for those of you reading Worlds of Law regularly, I thought I’d suggest that the best way to follow the blog is to sign up for the automatic email announcements of new posts—a really handy feature of the website design. All you have to do is enter your address below under “Follow Worlds of Law via Email.” I don’t expect to post more than three times each week, so you won’t be flooded with messages, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Third, I’ve just published a brief essay on “The Importance of Historical Sensibility” introducing the new issue of the Rutgers Law Review, edited by the great students of Rutgers-Newark School of Law. The full issue is here, and my essay is here. Here’s the conclusion: “The past liberates us from the present by making it possible to imagine a different future. By studying particularity, we rise above our own—we transcend ourselves. This is why a legal education, especially one grounded in historical awareness, provides a capstone to a liberal education and can fulfill its core purposes.” I make a similar observation here.

Finally, my friends at the new website Life of the Law have posted a fine podcast about jailhouse lawyers in California. I’ve subscribed to the postcast via iTunes and look forward to the next installment!

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