Mark S. Weiner

Another Endorsement for The Rule of the Clan

In Rule of the Clan on October 10, 2012 at 1:11 pm

I’m in the midst of examining the second pass proofs for The Rule of the Clan, but I can’t resist announcing that the book has just received its third jacket endorsement. I’m absolutely delighted to say that the blurb comes from Ian Morris, an eminent archeologist and historian at Stanford University and the author most recently of Why the West Rules—for NowMorris writes:

The Rule of the Clan gives a fascinating glimpse into a world that few Westerners today understand: a world of honor, shame, collective responsibility, and violent feuds. This book tells us what we need to know if we really want to modernize the clan societies of the Middle East and central Asia—and if we want to save our own liberal democracies from descending into clannish chaos.”

I’m thrilled by these kind words, especially because Morris and I have never met or had any professional contact with each other. And the fact that he teaches at my alma mater—that’s serious icing on a lovely cake.

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