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Regeln om klanen

In Individualism, Rule of the Clan, Sweden on February 11, 2014 at 8:10 am

PippiTVOr should that be Lag av klanen? However you say it, The Rule of the Clan has received some attention recently from scholars in Sweden, and I’m really happy about it. Last week Peter Santesson published an article titled “More Independent People” in Axess Magasin, a very thoughtful Swedish journal devoted to public discussion of the liberal arts and social sciences. For the article in Swedish (“Mer självständiga människor”—which just looks so much more exciting), see here. I’m assuming that even in Swedish Santesson’s title refers to the novel Independent People by the Icelandic author Halldór Laxness. That’s marvelous, because I began writing the book in Akureyri, Iceland.

Santesson discusses my book in the course of meditating on the tension he sees in public discourse today between individualism as “personal expression” (the “desire to be unique and achieve self-realization”) and individualism as “autonomy” (the ability to be “independent and able to stand on one’s own feet”). In Santesson’s view: “Autonomy’s value is not often talked about. Individuality as personal expression is, however, highly topical. One wants to be Pippi Longstocking, but is no longer talking about gold money.”

Santesson’s lively and stimulating article seems to have inspired a post on the blog of Swedish writer Dick Erixon. And I’m told by the Swedish journalist Per Brinkemo that the book was helpful to him in thinking about his forthcoming work Between Clan And State: Somalis in Sweden, which will be published in April—and which promises to be excellent.

  1. WOW!

    Mashallah, I just told Timbro and Peter Santesson about this.

    I am a litte afraid that people here in Sweden are not mature to understand the clan-aspect. But I will continue my mission. Again, Mark, I can’t describe how happy I am being in touch with you, thanks to your fantastic book.

    All the best!


    11 feb 2014 kl. 14:10 skrev Worlds of Law:

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  2. Now is the time to capture Finland as well. ________________________________


  3. “Rule of the Clan” could be interpreted in two ways, right? If you mean that the clan is ruling, it’s “Klanens Styre”, if you mean it as in “In the clan, there is this rule that…”, it would be “Klanens Regel”. If you want to maintain the ambivalence, I think you’re out of luck. “I rule” = “jag styr”. “the rules of the game” = “spelreglerna”.


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