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Anna in the Mine

In Environment, Europe, Law and film, Video on December 10, 2015 at 10:26 am

Lately I’ve been working on a full-length film about the relation between law and landscape in Austria. The film is called “Stone, Water and Wood”—or, when I’m feeling especially ambitious, “Wood, Water, Stone, Sky, Milk.” It’s based on my time as a Fulbright scholar in Salzburg in 2015.

Here’s a teaser, most of it filmed deep under ground:


And here’s another excerpt, about the history of Austria forest law:


Heads-up about the second video: some peacocks chime in at the end. And heads-up about both videos: sound and color correction will come once I assemble the full project.

Any thoughts or comments greatly appreciated! Danke vielmals!

  1. I laughed tears about the damned peacocks.

    You’re a wonderful storyteller.

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  2. Looking forward. We had a wedding for an exchange student who became part of our family in Tuscany in October. We then drove to south Bavaria to see the other mines, my father I. Law was in the airborne troops who were called, after Bastogne, to invade the Eagles nest, our son who knew his grand dad briefly and lovingly wanted to see this place. The documentation center reveals much more. Salt mines are tough places for sure. The book. salt, as I recall discusses them around the world.

    Dick Scott

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  3. Thanks so much for your interest and support, Dick! And that’s extraordinary that your father-in-law was part of the invasion of the Eagle’s Nest. What a proud history for your son to remember. I was thinking of using some historical footage of of the place in the longer video—shall see … it’s hard to see it and not have it overwhelm everything that comes after. And thanks for the reminder about the book! I’ll take a look—I remember seeing it at some point long ago. Until next time, be well, Mark


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