Mark S. Weiner

Narrative, Deconstruction, and Counter-terrorism

In Aesthetics, Aesthetics, narrative, form, Guest Posts, Islam, Law and literature, narrative on February 17, 2017 at 8:52 am

My colleagues at the strategy, national security, and military affairs journal The Bridge published my review today of some recent works by Ajit Maan, who brings a background in post-structuralist literary theory to her work in counter-terrorism. The post includes an extended close analysis of a recent ISIS video to highlight the care Daesh takes in producing and editing its propaganda (warning: the video is very graphic). Maan’s work points the way toward how high-level literary theory can help guide the use of “soft power” on behalf of democratic, post-colonial, and multi-cultural ideals—a fascinating and important blend of the philosophical and the practical.


  1. Great, great, great!!!


  2. So interesting, Mark (and so interestingly written too). Thanks for sharing it.


  3. Having a background in post modern philosophy and specifically deconstructionism (Derrida et al….)….and over 10 years in the field embedded in the COIN/CT environment it is encouraging to see that some are looking to address the issue with “asymmetric theory” and “asymmetric approaches”. For sure, CT/COIN benefits from post structural analysis.


  4. Apologies-Correction on my email below


  5. Yes, thanks. I find myself reacting less directly to the challenges around us than some who think they know how and where to focus. This helps me to feel a little more connected.


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