Mark S. Weiner

Law’s Picture Books

Winner of the Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award from the American Association of Law Libraries

Based on the critically-acclaimed exhibit at the Grolier Club. 220 pages, full color.

“A truly masterful work that should be of interest to graphic artists, designers and legal scholar alike.” — A reviewer on Goodreads.

“You have to see it to appreciate it, and you should. … With respect to the many fine law-themed coffee-table books out there, this book is the best.” — The Green Bag

“A unique and detailed assessment of the role of illustrations in legal literature.” — Greg Lambert, President, American Association of Law Libraries

“A path-breaking volume.” — Jus Gentium: Journal of International Legal History

Gorgeous.” — Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte, Kanonistische Abteilung

As approachable as it is attractive.” — Nicholas Mignanelli, Unbound: A Review of Legal History and Rare Books

Almost as beautiful as the exhibit itself.” — Stacia Stein, DipLawMatic Dialogues

“[This] modestly-priced catalogue … is comprehensive enough to be used with classes to help them reflect on the iconography of the law.” — Edinburgh Legal History Blog

“An efflorescent concatenation of anachronic erudition, humor, instruction and cautel, this meticulously curated collection … is an aesthetic and epistemic pleasure for lay and learned alike.” — Peter Goodrich, Cardozo School of Law

“An extraordinary new book … splendid for the lawyer-collector.” — Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief, Black’s Law Dictionary

“A fascinating companion volume … a remarkable collection of illustrations.” — Rare Book Monthly

The book itself is beautiful; it is divided into sections with beautiful typeface and color schemes that complement the full-color images from the collection. The pictures and descriptions are put into context by several essays by scholars and rare book specialists.”  — Khelani Clay, Law Library Lights

Available through the Lawbook Exchange, Amazon, or your local bookseller.

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