Mark S. Weiner


I am available to lecture and to teach a variety of short courses about American law and government to students abroad. I greatly enjoy meeting students outside the United States.

You can find representative evaluations of my teaching here. All other evaluations are gladly provided upon request.

Some sample comments from student evaluations:

“It’s hard to imagine a teacher more passionate about the material, more encouraging of student participation and reflection, more patient and willing to coax our ideas, understand our perspectives, and guide our thought processes in the right direction. … His lectures are immaculately planned, but come across with such an ease that it’s as if he were just telling a fascinating historical narrative. The ideas, the historical context, the cast of concrete characters and abstract legal and philosophical contexts came alive each and every class period. I’ve rarely felt so challenged, supported and intellectually stimulated. He also has an uncanny ability to help students synthesize the (dense, often enigmatic) material without dumbing it down or commanding us to think about it from any one political/legal/philosophical perspective.”

“Without a doubt the most enthusiastic, inspiring, and engaging professor I have been fortunate to learn from in my academic life.”

“The best professor I have ever had. His passion for the subject and the concern he has for his student’s understanding is extraordinary.”

“This is by the far the best taught course I have ever taken at any level.”

“Professor Weiner’s passion for Con Law is so overpowering that it spreads to his students. He’s also compassionate, open about his experiences, sincerely tries to get to know his students, and never reprimands a student for a dumb question.”

“Undoubtedly the best professor I will ever have. … He is able to synthesize ideas at multiple levels while keeping it clear and understandable. Respectful, encouraging, entertaining, addicting. I found myself excited to go to class every single time. His preparation was excellent, yet he could change course for us if needed.”

“He has inspired a loyalty and devotion from his students that I have never witnessed before. … There are many reasons for our enthusiasm, among them the patience and respect that he treats every student with. He learned every one of our names before our first class! He seems oblivious to gender, race or age, but remembers what areas we are interested in or have special knowledge of.”

“This is a professor that gets people excited about law in general.”

“This the best discussion class I’ve had, not just in law school but in all my education.”

“Professor Weiner is exceptional in the command over the material and the passion he displays over the material he presents. His enthusiasm and his benevolence at answering queries and making the issues more explicable are outstanding.”

“Prof. Weiner is better at bringing material to life than any other teacher. Not only is his mastery of the subject matter unbelievable, but he explains legal developments narratively.”

“Con Law is the worst, most abstract subject I have ever seen, yet Weiner’s passion for the subject and desire to actually teach students led me to have a great understanding of that which I dislike. I would take any class with Weiner.”

“I am normally terrified of professors, and therefore rarely speak in class, but he has been the only professor that reached out to me to make me feel comfortable speaking to him.”

“Professor Weiner is one of the most dedicated and engaging professors I have ever had. He made a subject that had overwhelmingly abstract concepts and an enormous amount of detail approachable and enjoyable. I feel I’ve not only learned so much, but the process of learning the material has been a reward in itself.”

“Never imposed his beliefs on the students instead let students freely express theirs.”

“I have never seen him give less than %100 in either his teaching of the course or devoting himself to his students.”

“Hands down I got the most out of this class in terms of actual knowledge and personal growth.”

“One of the best professors in any discipline I’ve studied.”

“Best class I’ve ever taken.”

“Amazing, simply amazing. To say that I have recommended this class to everyone I know is an understatement.”

“Professor Weiner stands out as one of the best lecturers I’ve ever seen. He seems to command huge amounts of material effortlessly and with total enthusiasm.”

“His command of the material, enthusiasm, dedication and flexibility made the course extremely enjoyable and the most engaging classroom experience of my life.”

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